Kryptonic Devistation

When I last left off with this blog, I was contemplating skateboarding more often to get a little exercise, raise the heart-rate a little, little sun, fresh air Рyou know, all of that stuff. You can read about it here in my last blog. Anyway, the plan was to jump onto my longboard and pedal my way to good health.

The next day, as promised in my previous blog, I starting searching through all of our belongings stored at my parent’s house right now, and it was nowhere to be found. So, I asked my dad if he had seen the board, and he said that it had been out in the garage for weeks. Uh oh. There was no board in the garage. My precious, $90 Kryptonics skateboard had been ganked! jacked! stolen! ūüė¶ It was so beautiful with it’s legendary poured eurthane wheels and extra-hard deck made of equally legendary hard wood. It even had the classic Krypto colors on it to let haters know what the business is.

It was shaped like this.

and it had the original Krypto colors.

After I’d realized that it’d been ganked, I lost all will to exercise. It wasn’t losing the skateboard alone that had crushed my will to be fit; it was how everything seemed to be working against my getting fit. Lisa and I are currently staying at my parents while we look for a condo, because renting and all it’s problems are getting really old. So, we’re displaced and a little depressed, and all we want to do is eat fast food every night and get drunk. Obviously, not a healthy response, but we don’t care.

My parent’s house is literally a five-minute drive from all of the following fast food franchises: KFC, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr, Wienerschnitzel, Wendy’s, Lil’ Caesar’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Del Taco, Burger King, Subway, Quizno’s, Coco’s, Panda Express, Baskin Robin’s, Dairy Queen, Togo’s and Popeye’s Chicken.

In addition, also within 5 minutes, you’ve got the following non-chain eateries: Windy City Sanwich Shop, Las Caritas, Lili’s Chinese, Swiss Doughnut, Port-O-Subs, 2 Marios (yes, both literally within 5 minutes), The 19th Hole, that other bar, NYPD Pizza, Santana’s Mexican Food, that other doughnut shop, La Casita, that French place, Goodies Cafe, Legends Bar and Grill, that other Chinese place, and Joe’s Sushi.

This incredible convergence of fast food mayhem is partially due to our proximity to the freeway, but mainly due to the fact that my parent’s house is just within the city limits of Palm Desert. You see, Palm Desert has a law that no fast-food joint can have a drive-through! (because it’s unsightly I guess?!) So, all of the fast food places are in neighboring cities, just across the street from Palm Desert city limits. Obviously, having a drive-through is WAY better for business and kind of the point of fast food, right?

So, I’ve resigned to being a fat man for now. When Lisa and I finally find the perfect condo, we’ll probably both be ready for another diet and our diet blog will return. In the meantime, we might blog if we find some incredible food to share with you. After all, it’s still a food blog. “Healthy Professionals” might not be a completely accurate title for the time being, but at least we don’t intend to continue getting fatter and fatter for ever. In the end, I feel like that’s the difference between a healthy professional and a fatty laborer. I just hope that I can get into shape before tax season, because it’s hard not to gain weight when you’re sitting at your desk all day.

So, did you itemize on a Schedule A last year or take the standard deduction?

Day 26 – Brian fails on Wienerschnitzel and vodka!!!

Wow, continuing talking about Lisa’s comments on fast food¬†the other day, it’s nearly impossible to eat fast food on a diet. As you can see in my calorie chart below, I blew my 2000 suggested daily limit in one meal and fell FAR short of my 1000 calorie daily goal. Also, drinking is turning out to be very difficult too. The best way to drink on a diet is vodka (at 65 calories an ounce) with diet soda at zero calories. Unfortunately, when you’re on a calorie limit,¬†this takes away calories that you would generally dedicate to food. The vodka is also much easier to drink when you’re hurting from your diet. It goes down pretty easily and drunkeness is a welcome feeling over hunger. The biggest problem is, after a few hours, you go quickly from drunk and satisfied to DRUNK AND HUNGRY, and then you’re pretty likely to make questionable diet choices (like Wienerschnitzel at 11pm). I think next time that I try to drink I’ll get the 99 calorie Bud Selects in hopes that I won’t get as drunk as quickly. The 55 Bud Select is out there too, but they’re about half the alchohal of a regular beer. I guess they might make a nice “Session Beer” as they call them.

We’ve discovered a formula for a pretty tasty, fast meal that’s under 500 calories. Soon, we’re going to start grouping recipes like this all in one place as our Healthy Professionals suggested recipes, because they’re easy for busy professionals to prepare and low on calories.

We mixed two cans of Progresso’s Light lines of soup,¬†heated 4 servings of frozen California Mix veggies, and baked a chicken breast in our toaster oven. We seasoned the chicken with onion powder, garlic salt, fresh cracked pepper, lemon juice, and Grill Mate’s Fierry 5 Pepper. The total calories were 480, and we served this with less than 20 calories of sauces.

Speaking of sauces, we had wheat pasta served with Classico Light Cream Sauce again yesterday. Wheat pasta + low-calorie sauce is always a good low-calorie meal that’s actually filling. We’ve also been putting this Southwestern Spicy mustard from Walmart on just about everything we eat!

5/16/2011 Lisa Brian   5/17/2011 Lisa Brian
chewy bar 90 0   oatmeal 130 160
quesadilla 650 0   vodka 195 1235
goldfish 0 560   cream sauce 130 130
vodka 0 195   pasta 360 360
apple chips 116 0   chewy bar 90 0
half chicken breast 150 150   veggies 50 0
sauces 5 15   goldfish 140 0
100 calorie packs 100 100   apple chips 147 0
veggies 50 50   cracker chips 110 0
crystal light 0 10   100 calorie packs 100 100
oatmeal 0 130   crystal light 0 10
soup 140 140   jerky 0 300
cheerios 110 0   Wienerschnitzel 0 2340
Total: 1411 1350   Total: 1452 4635