Day 29: Healthy Pasta and Wii-Fit Weigh In

Today we enjoyed 2 servings of whole grain pasta with Classico Roasted Garlic Sauce. We wanted to add some ground beef but found that one 4 oz serving of 80/20 ground beef has 270 calories. While this is some of the saddest news we learned (I mean really who doesn’t like pasta with meatballs), we did feel it was important to share. We suggest adding  some vegetables to your sauce, and find this works particularly well with the Classico Light Cream Sauce.

Last night when we were tempted to munch-out we thought it would be a good idea to weigh-in, instead. Despite what our calorie tracker is saying, the Wii Fit says Brian has lost 2.2 lbs. and Lisa has lost 1.8 lbs.!!! While we were still tempted to snack out, we somehow managed to restrain.

FYI– Tune in soon for a new Tea Show! We will be featuring the Libre Tea Large Gass n’ Poly tea glass and thier Organic Ming Mei Green Tea.


Lisa= -1,498


A Delicious Dinner Just Over 500 Calories


  Lisa Brian
Oatmeal 130 160
Coffee 50 0
Apple Chips 58 0
100 cal. Pk. 100 0
Rice Cakes 210 0
Jerky 70 70
Watermelon 190 190
Galric 10 10
Whole Grain Pasta 360 360
Pasta Sauce 150 150
Total Calories Consumed: 1,328 940
# of Steps 12,068 12,684
# of calories for steps 422 444
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,862 1,884
Net Effect for Day -534 -944