Kryptonic Devistation

When I last left off with this blog, I was contemplating skateboarding more often to get a little exercise, raise the heart-rate a little, little sun, fresh air Рyou know, all of that stuff. You can read about it here in my last blog. Anyway, the plan was to jump onto my longboard and pedal my way to good health.

The next day, as promised in my previous blog, I starting searching through all of our belongings stored at my parent’s house right now, and it was nowhere to be found. So, I asked my dad if he had seen the board, and he said that it had been out in the garage for weeks. Uh oh. There was no board in the garage. My precious, $90 Kryptonics skateboard had been ganked! jacked! stolen! ūüė¶ It was so beautiful with it’s legendary poured eurthane wheels and extra-hard deck made of equally legendary hard wood. It even had the classic Krypto colors on it to let haters know what the business is.

It was shaped like this.

and it had the original Krypto colors.

After I’d realized that it’d been ganked, I lost all will to exercise. It wasn’t losing the skateboard alone that had crushed my will to be fit; it was how everything seemed to be working against my getting fit. Lisa and I are currently staying at my parents while we look for a condo, because renting and all it’s problems are getting really old. So, we’re displaced and a little depressed, and all we want to do is eat fast food every night and get drunk. Obviously, not a healthy response, but we don’t care.

My parent’s house is literally a five-minute drive from all of the following fast food franchises: KFC, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr, Wienerschnitzel, Wendy’s, Lil’ Caesar’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Del Taco, Burger King, Subway, Quizno’s, Coco’s, Panda Express, Baskin Robin’s, Dairy Queen, Togo’s and Popeye’s Chicken.

In addition, also within 5 minutes, you’ve got the following non-chain eateries: Windy City Sanwich Shop, Las Caritas, Lili’s Chinese, Swiss Doughnut, Port-O-Subs, 2 Marios (yes, both literally within 5 minutes), The 19th Hole, that other bar, NYPD Pizza, Santana’s Mexican Food, that other doughnut shop, La Casita, that French place, Goodies Cafe, Legends Bar and Grill, that other Chinese place, and Joe’s Sushi.

This incredible convergence of fast food mayhem is partially due to our proximity to the freeway, but mainly due to the fact that my parent’s house is just within the city limits of Palm Desert. You see, Palm Desert has a law that no fast-food joint can have a drive-through! (because it’s unsightly I guess?!) So, all of the fast food places are in neighboring cities, just across the street from Palm Desert city limits. Obviously, having a drive-through is WAY better for business and kind of the point of fast food, right?

So, I’ve resigned to being a fat man for now. When Lisa and I finally find the perfect condo, we’ll probably both be ready for another diet and our diet blog will return. In the meantime, we might blog if we find some incredible food to share with you. After all, it’s still a food blog. “Healthy Professionals” might not be a completely accurate title for the time being, but at least we don’t intend to continue getting fatter and fatter for ever. In the end, I feel like that’s the difference between a healthy professional and a fatty laborer. I just hope that I can get into shape before tax season, because it’s hard not to gain weight when you’re sitting at your desk all day.

So, did you itemize on a Schedule A last year or take the standard deduction?


Oh man, I’m getting really tired of reporting my diet fails here, so I’ll try to keep it short.

Basically, I’m starting to wonder if my life is too chaotic right now to be dieting. The answer, of course, is no. When your life is ACTUALLY chaotic; overeating is the least of your concerns.

When your life is TRULY chaotic - this is what you might look like.

That said, Wendy’s Deluxes with no¬†ketchup¬†or mayo (at 250 calories each) and Budweiser Selects (at 99 calories each) are on the menu for this evening. It’s a small compromise from Budweisers (at 145 calories each) with Baconators (at 660 calories each) and some large fries (at 530 calories each), but it’s something.

DAY 88 – Our Last “Day”

Well, it’s about time that we stopped keeping track of the number of days that we’ve been on our diet, because we aren’t really dieting anymore. We both lost a good amount of weight – BRIAN LOST 30 LBS! LISA LOST 10 LBS! – but now we’re just trying to eat a healthy quantity of food and exercise more. When we were dieting, we didn’t have much energy to do anything. Now, we’ve been eating a little more, and it’s much easier to fit a workout into our day.

We’re not doing it anymore, but dieting for a while was good. Counting our calories really made us realize what a crazy amount of calories there are in some foods! There’s some places that we won’t even eat at anymore! In fact, if we’re eating fast food, it’s pretty much only between Del Taco’s regular tacos at 130 calories each or Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe with no mayo or ketsup at 230 calories.

Another reason that we’re not going to be counting calories anymore is that LISA IS LOSING HER MIND! ūüėõ lol. Seriously, I’m very afraid that I’m going to be married to a skeleton in matter of months. In fact, I might just be stopping in at Dairy Queen before she gets home to get her a Blizzard! She’s skinnier than before we met!? Actually, I guess we both are! ūüėČ

Anyway, as a result of all these changes, Healthy Professionals Food Blog will be changing a little. For the most part, we’re just going to be blogging awesome recipes and pictures of food – no more charts itemizing our food eaten, calories burned, steps taken, and so on. Also, no more calorie scoreboard. So, I guess LISA WINS on the calorie scoreboard!

So, expect more blogs featuring tasty pictures like the one below! It’s actually our dinner from last night. There was something called the California Grill Pack at Stater Bros, and it came with 2 marinated chicken thighs, 3 boneless country-style ribs, and 4 bratworst for $6.99! It was awesome with mac and cheese!

4 Bratworst; 3 Boneless, Country-Style Ribs; and 2 Marinated Chicken Thighs!

Oh yeah! You can also expect more puppy pictures!!!

The cone's not on him just because it's hilarious. He's actually got a "hot spot" on his arm, but he doesn't let his cone bother him!

Day 76 – Iced Sencha All Day

Just want to take a minute to talk about what a big part of our diet tea is – Brian’s, in particular. Brian sips iced sencha all day long. It’s light flavor and caffein content help keep you refreshed and alert all day while boosting your metabolism without getting dehydrated or jittery.

For dinner, we had Wendy’s yet again. Those Deluxe Jr Cheeseburgers with no mayo and no ketsup are awesome and only 270 calories. We were still far to sore to exercise yesterday, but hopefully we’ll get back at it soon. Just exercising that one day has made us incredibly hungry!


Brian= +2,811        Lisa= -7,814

Hungry yet?
7/6/2011 Brian Lisa
Total Calories Consumed 2,265 1,350
# of Steps 8,069 9,281
# of calories for steps 282.415 324.84
# calories living 1,800 1,800
Total Calories Burned 2,082 2,125
Net Effect for Day 183 -775
# of Push Ups 0 0
# of Sit Ups 0 0
# of Minutes Ran 0 0

Day 72: Wendy’s Again!

Today we went a little over, with the intent to load up before our workout. We certainly accomplished this by heading to our favorite fast food restaurant Wendy’s. Still sticking to the 99 cent menu you can do pretty well. The Deluxe Cheeseburger¬†(w/o Mayo and ketchup), and the regular chili¬†both¬†weigh in at 270 calories. You can also try their grilled chicken snack wrap w/o sauce for 270 calories. Be careful as the regular Crispy Ceasear Snack Wrap had 430 calories each! What a difference!


Brian= +2,443         Lisa= -5,476

  Brian Lisa
Fruit by the Foot 0 160
Hard Boiled Eggs 140 0
Goldfish 0 200
Wendy’s Chili 270 0
Wendy’s Wraps 860 0
Wendy’s Burgers 1,080 810
English Muffin w/ Jam 90 90
Mini Muffin Sandwich 0 150
Beer 1,425 0
Popcorn 0 100
Chips 320 0
Seeds 160 0
Baked Utz 120 140
Total Calories Consumed: 4,465 1,650
# of Steps 7,911 8,715
# of calories for steps 277 305
# calories living 1,600 1,600
Total Calories Burned 1,877 1,905
Net Effect for Day 2,588 -255


Day 64: Super Saturday and Retraction from Friday’s Numbers

Well we learned a valuable lesson this week! It’s a very good idea to weigh in at the same spot every time with your Wii Fit Board. We discovered yesterday’s results were highly inaccurate because we had the Wii board atop additional carpeting. That said, we crunched the numbers to figure out a better estimate of our resting calorie rate, which came to roughly 1,600 calories per day for each of us. We have also decided to reset the calorie scoreboard to reflect the changes.

Nonetheless, we still decided to enjoy our Saturday. Our bad for going over, but we’ll try hard to make up for it this week.¬†Perhaps we should have skipped the Wendy’s but we still weren’t doing too bad with their¬†Junior Cheeseburger Deluxes at 270 calories each, without sauces.


Brian= + 582            Lisa=  +17


  Brian Lisa
Rice Chips 0 130
100 cal. Pk. 0 100
Fruit by the Foot 0 400
Chicken 429 429
String Cheese 60 60
Vodka 650 195
Wendys 810 540
Beer 594 0
Sauce 50 50
Total Calories Consumed: 2,593 1,904
# of Steps 11,745 8,205
# of calories for steps 411 287
# calories living 1,600 1,600
Total Calories Burned 2,011 1,887
Net Effect for Day 582 17

Day 57: Loving Wendy’s!

We can’t say enough about the 99 cent menu at Wendy’s. Most of the items have only 260-270 calories if you hold the sauces. You can have anything from a Cheeseburger Deluxe,¬†a¬†Crispy¬†Chicken Sandwich or even a small frosty for 270 calories a piece! Thank you Wendy’s for having a health conscious menu at a great price!

We’d love to hear about your favorite lower calorie dining-out¬†options. Please comment below!


Brian= +1,299           Lisa=-9,466

  Brian Lisa
Coffee 0 50
100 cal. Pk. 0 200
Fruit by the Foot 0 190
Oatmeal 0 160
Goldfish 420 0
Mini Muffin Pizzas 0 330
Mini Muffin Sandwich 125 0
Wendy’s 810 540
Popcorn 105 105
Beer 990 0
Sauce 60 0
Total Calories Consumed: 2,510 1,575
# of Steps 10,461 10,287
# of calories for steps 366 360
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,806 1,800
Net Effect for Day 704 -225

Day 55 – Chicken Burger Disaster

Our first attempt with ground chicken was a disaster. ¬†Having never worked with ground chicken before, we were using a meat thermometer to make sure everything was safe. Unfortunately, the meat thermometer didn’t work right, and it kept measuring the meat as too cold. So, we kept heating it. In the end, we ended up with chicken bricks for burgers, so we went to Wendy’s. We’re hoping for better luck with chicken meatballs, since we have another package of ground chicken left.


BRIAN= +870        LISA= -8,631

6/14/2011 Brian Lisa
Spanish Rices 400 0
Wendy’s 810 810
Carrots and Celery 0 50
Wheat Thins 0 115
Rice Chips 0 130
Cheerios 0 110
Total Calories Consumed: 1,210 1,215
# of Steps 5,100 13,203
# of calories for steps 179 462
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,619 1,902
Net Effect for Day -409 -687


Day 53 – Wendy’s and Diet Math

Wendy’s is really cool, because you can have one of their Jr Cheeseburgers for only 270 calories. That may sound like a lot if you’re counting calories, but it’s pretty low for a fast-food burger. Their chili with cheese and onions is also 270 calories and is a nice side instead of fries. Fries, by the way, are like a million calories!
If you’ve been following our blog, you may have noticed that Brian continues to lose weight even though his cumulative calorie scoreboard says that he should have gained weight. We suspect that this is because the rate that Brian burns calories while resting may be higher. Over the next two weeks or so, we will be monitoring Brian’s weight and calorie intake in an attempt to find out about how many calories Brian burns per day without any steps. It will be interesting to see how the math works out.


BRIAN= +1,432        LISA= -7,026

6/14/2011 Brian Lisa
English Muffin Pizzas 200 0
Wendy’s 1,080 540
beer 275 0
Cheerios 0 110
Carrots and Celery 0 50
Fruit by the Foot 0 240
Rice Chips 0 260
Total Calories Consumed: 1,555 1,200
# of Steps 6,270 10,301
# of calories for steps 219 361
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,659 1,801
Net Effect for Day -104 -601

Day 46 – Burgers All Day

Yesterday we had to take one of our dogs¬†to the vet. She was limping, and we were really worried about her. She’s fine, but we ate a bunch of fast food as a result of our hectic day and nervousness about our dog’s condition. Brian did way worse than Lisa, but we both have to post calorie gains for the day. We really failed on the Jumbo Jacks. Those things are like 600 calories each!!!


Brian= + 2,961         Lisa= -5,589

The Jumbo Jack is just under 600 calories!!!


6/7/2011 Brian Lisa
Wendy’s 540 540
Jack in the Box 1,888 587
Mini Pizzas 523 523
Cheerios 0 110
Pop Chips 0 120
Animal Crackers 0 260
Total Calories Consumed: 2,951 2,140
# of Steps 11,881 11,682
# of calories for steps 416 409
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,856 1,849
Net Effect for Day 1,095 291