Small Amount of Pasta – (said as Rainman guy)

Yesterday, Lisa and I both ran a quarter mile again and did our normal workout. Also, we consumed less that 1500 calories each – Lisa with 1365 and me with 1480 calories – staying within our goals. A “small amount of pasta” for dinner really helped us stay within our diet yesterday.

First of all, I could write you pages about how to make the most delicious and decadent plate of pasta. However, that’s not what this is. This is an easy way to enjoy pasta for only 580 calories. IT’S SIMPLE! 2 exact servings of wheat pasta, 2 exact servings of the lowest-calorie, jarred sauce that you can find. Pass GO and COLLECT $200!


By using a food scale and a measuring cup, you can ensure that you’re eating just the right amount. 😉

Plated Pasta

A good tip is to use garlic salt, crushed red peppers, and black pepper on your pasta instead of Parmesan cheese! 😉

The FATTY Returns!!!

If you’re new to our blog, then you might wonder why it’s called Healthy Professionals. After all, most of the time there’s only one new post here every week – and it’s a video about tea?!

Well, the fact is, my wife and I originally started this blog as motivation to lose weight – seen here in “DAY 1 – Low-Carb Pizza, Mile Run, and Fatty Photos!!!” Since my wife is an accountant, and I’m a taxman; we thought that Healthy Professionals was an appropriate name for our blog. Perhaps other fat office workers around the world would even be motivated by us? 😛

We figured that we’d start by putting some embarrassing pictures on the internet so that there would be no turning back. We would have to lose weight or be eternally ashamed by the fact that our fatty pictures on the internet are how we actually look in real life.

Thankfully, I'm not currently THIS fat, but close.

For months, we blogged every day – listing our calories eaten, calories burned, recipes, items eaten, and it worked! Both Lisa and I got down to a weight that we were comfortable with. We didn’t follow through with our exercise plans after doing so, but mission accomplished nonetheless. The weight was gone.

Anyway, the point of this story is that I’m getting fat again. 😦 Lisa and I recently went through a really crazy move from our old apartment, and now we’re alternating between the empty homes of relatives due to a disagreement with our previous landlord. Unfortunately, I’ve been using all of the extra stress as an excuse to eat and drink whatever I want (mainly case after case of Bud Light). Well, it needs to stop, and I’m going to use this blog to lose weight just like we did the first time around. The only difference being that Lisa won’t be dieting with me this time, because she’s not a fatty like me right now! 🙂 So, expect to read more diet related blogs in you future! Day 1 – “Brian’s switches to vodka?” That sounds like a painless change to start with. 😉


Since I’m a pretty talented cook, we had originally planned to post cooking videos here. However, I’m both the cameraman and the cook, and I can’t do both at once – so The Tea Show was born: “The Tea Show, Episode 1, Young Hyson Chinese Green”

Day 76 – Iced Sencha All Day

Just want to take a minute to talk about what a big part of our diet tea is – Brian’s, in particular. Brian sips iced sencha all day long. It’s light flavor and caffein content help keep you refreshed and alert all day while boosting your metabolism without getting dehydrated or jittery.

For dinner, we had Wendy’s yet again. Those Deluxe Jr Cheeseburgers with no mayo and no ketsup are awesome and only 270 calories. We were still far to sore to exercise yesterday, but hopefully we’ll get back at it soon. Just exercising that one day has made us incredibly hungry!


Brian= +2,811        Lisa= -7,814

Hungry yet?
7/6/2011 Brian Lisa
Total Calories Consumed 2,265 1,350
# of Steps 8,069 9,281
# of calories for steps 282.415 324.84
# calories living 1,800 1,800
Total Calories Burned 2,082 2,125
Net Effect for Day 183 -775
# of Push Ups 0 0
# of Sit Ups 0 0
# of Minutes Ran 0 0

Day 74 – Sooooooooooooo Sore!!! Ouch!

OMG, we are so sore after only two days of exercising! The saddest part is the small amout on exercise that it took to put us in this state. We’re barely doing 25 push-up, 50 sit-ups, and 10 minutes of running. On the plus side, it feels much better to not be hungry all day! It’s nice to eat again! 🙂

Had pasta with cream sauce and broccoli last night! Below is a picture of that and some left-over 4th of July pics!


Brian= +2,887         Lisa= -6,223

7/5/2011 Brian Lisa
Total Calories Consumed: 1,254 1,485
# of Steps 13,765 8,843
# of calories for steps 481.775 309.505
# calories living 1,800 1,800
Total Calories Burned 2,282 2,110
Net Effect for Day -1,028 -625
# of Push Ups 25 25
# of Sit Ups 35 60
# of Minutes Ran 5 5

Day 68 – Sometimes it’s just a web log…

OK, we’re really tired and neither of us wants to blog tonight. We don’t want to lose track on our calorie scoreboard. This blog is boring, but our most recent Tea Show is really cool, so check it out!

Brian -691 Lisa -3,008

6/29/2011 Brian Lisa
Lean Pockets 560 560
Beer 891 0
Hash Browns 210 0
Burgers 420 0
English Muffin Sandwiches 230 0
Cheerios 0 110
100 Calorie Packs 0 100
Fruit by the Foot 0 80
Doughnut 0 250
Rice Chips 0 130
Carrots and Celery 0 50
Total Calories Consumed: 2,311 1,280
# of Steps 8,452 13,426
# of calories for steps 295.82 469.91
# calories living 1,600 1,600
Total Calories Burned 1,896 2,070
Net Effect for Day 415 -790

Day 67 – We’ve Come A Long Way

Recently, we’ve been getting a little upset with our diet (hungry and angry that weight doesn’t fall of easier), but it helps when we think back to how far we’ve come already. First of all, we’re on Day 67, so this is easily the longest that the two of us have stuck to a diet together. Also, both of us are down to the weight we were when we met each other. Therefore, at the very least, we’ve lost all the weight that we gained together in the last 3 years or so. Furthermore, our stomaches have completely shrunk, and we’re both fitting in clothes that we had “outgrown”. Our stomaches have shrunk in another sense as well, because we couldn’t even eat the garbage that we were eating before if we had to. For example, Weinschnitzel orders that involve 10 chili covered items and 24 jalapeno poppers (420 calories in every 6). Most importantly, we feel better – less lethargic, less back pain, easier to bend over, ect. WE’RE JUST REALLY HUNGRY!!! 😦

Brian -1,106          Lisa -2,298 

6/28/2011 Brian Lisa
English Muffin Pizzas 1000 620
Granola Bar 0 180
Carrots and Celery 0 50
Rice Chips 0 130
Fruit by the Foot 0 80
Goldfish Crackers 0 140
Fruit by the Foot 0 80
Total Calories Consumed: 1,000 1,200
# of Steps 5,961 12,182
# of calories for steps 209 426.4
# calories living 1,600 1,600
Total Calories Burned 1,809 2,026
Net Effect for Day 809 826


Day 65 – Getting Even

Brian: I’m really glad that we did some math yesterday and figured out that we’re burning about 1600 calories a day instead of 1440. I was so hungy, and it was so hard to take in negative calories. Very frequently, I feel like I would go over my daily limit just because it was so difficult to eat so little. 1600 seems like a more sustainable number for our calories burnt just staying alive (in other words, NOT including calories burnt from steps on our pedometers). Also, we discovered that about 3500 calories = 1 pound (we thought it was 2000 before). This means that you have to take in a net of MINUS 500 calories per day to lose a pound a week. Ouch. I’m going to really focus on getting my calorie scoreboard looking better this week.

Brian +169          Lisa -765

6/26/2011 Brian Lisa
English Muffin Pizzas 330 330
Pasta 640 320
Pasta Sauce 240 160
Goldfish Crackers 280 140
Crystal Light 10 10
Fruit by the Foot 0 160
Total Calories Consumed: 1,500 1,120
# of Steps 8,949 8,636
# of calories for steps 313 302
# calories living 1,600 1,600
Total Calories Burned 1,913 1,902
Net Effect for Day -413 -782

Day 61 – What are you waiting for?

Hey, if you’re a fan of this blog and haven’t seen every episode of The Tea Show – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? With 15 episodes under our belt at about 2 minutes each, that’s more than 30 minutes of tea show fun!

Also, if you’re a fan of this blog and you haven’t set up a profile on our Diet Community yet, TODAY’S THE DAY! Share your recipes with us on our diet community, and we’ll cook and feature them on our blog!!!


Brian= +1,985          Lisa=-11,281

6/22/2011 Brian Lisa
English Muffin Pizzas 460 330
Goldfish Crackers 140 0
Popcorn 55 55
Cheerios 0 110
Angel Food Cake 0 80
Rice Chips 0 130
Fruit Snacks 0 160
Vodka 845 130
Total Calories Consumed: 1,500 995
# of Steps 8,599 13,371
# of calories for steps 301 468
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,741 1,908
Net Effect for Day -241 -913

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