Episode 36 The Krall from The Tea and Jazz House

Episode 26, Tea and Jazz House’s “The McCrea”

For an excellent written review of “The McCrea”, check out The Lazy LiteraTea’s blog:http://lazyliteratus.teatra.de/2011/08/11/strawberry-jazz-for-the-soul/

Guayusa Fuel Cells

This has become one of our favorite things lately when we don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a pot of tea. We just throw two of Runa’s Guayusa spice satchets (whatever, they’re good) into each libre glass and add boiling water. It only takes 2 minutes to steep, and you can take it anywhere. When the highly-caffeinated travel pouches of guayusa meet the highly-portable Libre glass, it’s a magical thing.