Day 84 & 85: Grilled Turkey Sausage and Zuchini Onion Kabobs!

We had turkey sausage with cream sauce again! This time we put the zuchini on skewers with little onions. Everything turned out absolutely scrumptious yet again! The sausages have 170 calories each and the 3 kabobs only have about 50 calories!

We also worked out on Wii Fit last night instead of the EA Active. We found the Wii Fit island track to be a bit more entertaining than the EA Active track. Plus on the Wii Fit version we got to chase a small puppy the whole way. What could be more fun?


Brian=+1,572 Lisa=-12,980

7/15-7/16 Brian Lisa
Total Calories Consumed 4,998 4,025
# of Steps 18,864 17,999
# of calories for steps 660 630
# calories living 3,600 3,600
Total Calories Burned 4,260 4,230
Net Effect for Day 738 -205
# of Push Ups 30 20
# of Sit Ups 60 75
# of Minutes Ran 12 12

Day 73 – Big Changes! Working out and more calories per day!

Well, it seems like we’ve really hit a wall over the last two weeks (as far as weight-loss goes) and have made changes to our blog format to reflect our diet changes! You’ll notice that we kept the Calorie Scoreboard, but now our daily calorie goal is 1800 calories or less. The reason for this is to make sure that we have enough energy to push ourselves “all the way” during our workouts. Yesterday waws our first workout, and we both feel very sore. To start with, we’re going to be doing 12 minute runs on the EA Active (because it’s 120 degrees outside) and as many sit-ups and push-ups as we can do. Yesterday, we only did 25 push-ups and 35 sit-ups, but we probably could have done more. Also, we’re not going to be itemizing exactly what we eat every day anymore. If you want to get ideas about what to eat to lose weight, check out our diet charts for our first 60 days – we managed to lose lots of weight eating the things that we did! Now we’re in a new phase of our diet, and it’s all about “getting cut”.


Brian= +3,915         Lisa= -5,598

Total Calories Consumed: 3,754 1,988
# of Steps 13,765 8,843
# of calories for steps 481.775 309.505
# calories living 1,800 1,800
Total Calories Burned 2,282 2,110
Net Effect for Day 1,472 -122
# of Push Ups 25 25
# of Sit Ups 35 35
# of Minutes Ran 12 12