Three Packets!!!

Last weekend was our first wedding anniversary, and my diet suffered a little bit as a result. I won’t go into the details, but it was pretty ugly.

Yesterday, I got back on track with a 1,300 calorie day featuring a light lunch and a pretty normal pasta dinner.  Lunches have definitely been the best part of my diet so far. Lately, I’ve been having these Asian soup bowls from Trader Joe’s. Originally, I was sticking to the $2 Trader Joe’s soup bowls, but the $1 soups are pretty tasty too! I thought that they were generic, American noodle soups, but it turns out that they’re imported from Thailand and have THREE packets of goodness that you get to add to your soup. In my opinion, it’s usually a good sign when your instant noodles come with multiple packets. When the directions say, “Empty contents of seasoning, vegetable, and oil packets into the bowl” – you’re in business!!!

Not only are these instant soups delicious and low in calories, but they go really well with the Japanese Sencha that I’m usually drinking in the afternoons. A little Sriracha hot sauce and soy sauce doesn’t hurt either. 😉