Day 27 – Wii Fit Weigh-in. Fat Little Avatars.

We both weighed-in last night even though neither of us were feeling very good about our diet. We weren’t terribly suprized by the results. Brian gained a couple pounds and Lisa stayed about the same. Neither of us lost weight. There’s probably 3 big reasons for that – 1) night-snacking – we’ve been eating a lot of calories in the evenings before bed, 2) no exercise – we haven’t been exercising lately, 3) drinking too much – mainly Brian’s downfall.

Starting today, we’re both wearing pedometers. Soon, we’re going to set a “steps” goal for ourselves everyday; meaning that we’re going to try to get a certain number of steps logged on our pedometer each day. We’ll be recording our daily steps here on our blog, so we encourage all of you to wear a pedometer and count your steps with us!

Weighing-in on the Wii Fit can be especially cruel, because they adjust the waistsize of your little avatar (Nintendo Mii) according to your ACTUAL weight! You use your Nintendo Mii as your avatar in other games besides Wii Fit, so this can be embarrassing!!!

5/18/2011 Brian Lisa
soup 150 150
garlic 5 5
half chicken breast 150 150
veggies 150 150
100 calorie packs 100 100
sauces 40 10
sunflower seeds 90 0
apple chips 58 58
cracker chips 110 110
goldfish 280 280
cherrios 0 110
carrots & celery 0 50
fruit by the foot 0 80
coffee creamer 0 50
Total: 1133 1303