How To Take Back “The Tea Party”

I’ve seen many an angry tweet and blog detailing people’s frustrations with the Tea Party Movement (mainly, the fact that it has nothing to do with tea).

I’m not sure that we can derail the entire political movement, but there might be a way to tick off Republicans while simultaneously increasing traffic to our websites, blogs, podcasts, tweets, ect…


All we need to do is start TAGGING our tea entries with tags that evoke the ideals of the Tea Party Movement.

On Twitter, for example:

20% off on all Oolongs at The Tea House Hut for a limited of time only! #tea #teaparty #republican

Okay, I understand this might not be something you would want to do on Twitter, but what if it was a little more subversive?

A blog post for example:

[This is the body of your super-interesting blog about tea]

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