Small Amount of Pasta – (said as Rainman guy)

Yesterday, Lisa and I both ran a quarter mile again and did our normal workout. Also, we consumed less that 1500 calories each – Lisa with 1365 and me with 1480 calories – staying within our goals. A “small amount of pasta” for dinner really helped us stay within our diet yesterday.

First of all, I could write you pages about how to make the most delicious and decadent plate of pasta. However, that’s not what this is. This is an easy way to enjoy pasta for only 580 calories. IT’S SIMPLE! 2 exact servings of wheat pasta, 2 exact servings of the lowest-calorie, jarred sauce that you can find. Pass GO and COLLECT $200!


By using a food scale and a measuring cup, you can ensure that you’re eating just the right amount. 😉

Plated Pasta

A good tip is to use garlic salt, crushed red peppers, and black pepper on your pasta instead of Parmesan cheese! 😉


Day 40 – Classico Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo Sauce

We had pasta again. It’s one of the few foods where we don’t feel like we’re being ripped off for the amount of food we get for our calories, so it’s become pretty popular around our house lately. We found another sauce that’s only 60 calories per serving, and that’s Classico’s Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo. Cream sauce with roasted red peppers in it is really tasty and a nice change from regular cream sauce, so we’re really glad we found this one!

Calorie Scoreboard:

Brian= +2,260               Lisa= -4,588

Tasty sauce at only 60 calories per 1/4 cup serving!


6/1/2011 Brian Lisa
Pasta 360 360
Cream Sauce 120 120
Soup 160 0
Vodka 325 130
Sunflower Seeds 85 0
Cheerios 0 110
Carrots and Celery 0 50
Pop Chips 0 120
Jerky 0 70
Fruit Snacks 0 70
100 Calorie Packs 0 200
Coffee Creamer 0 60
Total Calories Consumed: 1,050 1,290
# of Steps 5,451 10,026
# of calories for steps 191 351
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,631 1,791
Net Effect for Day -581 -501