Wanja Purple Tea of Kenya is AWESOME!

I was very satisfied with this tea and would gladly take it over your average Darjeeling or Assam. The purple tea was decidedly less malty than most of the dark teas that I’ve encountered. At the forefront, the tea is incredibly smooth and tasty. That’s followed by a pleasantly bitter aftertaste that was very different from your average black tea. The buzz wasn’t too shabby either. 😉 I highly recommend this tea. *** HEY TEA PEOPLE!!! WHY NOT GIVE THEM A FOLLOW ON TWITTER? @WanjaTeaofKenya LOOKS LIKE THEY NEED SOME FRIENDS! 🙂   ***

Chicken Avacado Wraps and Fresh Pasta alla Checca

So, we haven’t checked in for a few days (if you didn’t notice, you may want to sign up for email notifications when we post on our main page: https://healthyprofessionals.wordpress.com) 🙂, but we have been sticking to our diets. Workouts have been a bit spotty – but whatever. Hopefully, we’ll get a workout in later today…

In the last few days, there’s lots of things that have helped us keep to our diets including Subway and various snacks, but here are two of the most memorable dishes we cooked at home:

Pasta all Checca (pronounced “Kecka”) is a classic Italian dish that features fresh tomatoes simmered in olive oil. I like to throw a few pepperoncinis in there while it’s simmering! 😉

Plated Pasta all Checca. Amazingly, we were able to eat more sauce for less calories than jarred sauce! If I remember correctly, our pasta dinners came in well under 500 calories!

Lisa checking out our delicious Chicken Avacado Wraps with tomatoes and onions! We put a serving of BBQ sauce on top too. 😉

Subway Saves The Day

😦 Lisa and I were really feeling hungry yesterday. It’s getting to the point where we can really feel our stomachs eating themselves. We both did our regular workout plus quarter-mile run. I found that the pain from our ab workout was the only thing that could distract from the pangs of hunger! So, when it came to dinner, Subway really saved the day! I was able to have a nice, foot-long chicken sandwich for only 740 calories, and Lisa’s 6-inch, chicken sandwich with chips was only 680 calories – putting us at the daily totals of 1475 and 1345 calories, respectively.
Subway Logo

Birds Eye Beef Lo Mein

Day three and still going strong. We both did our workout, ran a quarter mile, and came in well below our 1500 calorie goal. Lisa with 1305 calories and myself with 1365! It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, because we really spaced our snacks out throughout the day and had a sensible dinner… Birds Eye “Viola” Beef Lo Mein!!! Not too shabby for frozen, and at only 345 calories for each of us, it allowed us to snack-out on some really nice “Pizza Wraps” and “Parmesan Popcorn”!

Bag of Beef Lo Mein

This bag at 690 calories for 3 servings works well for a light dinner!

Plated Beef Lo Mein

Plated Beef Lo Mein

Small Amount of Pasta – (said as Rainman guy)

Yesterday, Lisa and I both ran a quarter mile again and did our normal workout. Also, we consumed less that 1500 calories each – Lisa with 1365 and me with 1480 calories – staying within our goals. A “small amount of pasta” for dinner really helped us stay within our diet yesterday.

First of all, I could write you pages about how to make the most delicious and decadent plate of pasta. However, that’s not what this is. This is an easy way to enjoy pasta for only 580 calories. IT’S SIMPLE! 2 exact servings of wheat pasta, 2 exact servings of the lowest-calorie, jarred sauce that you can find. Pass GO and COLLECT $200!


By using a food scale and a measuring cup, you can ensure that you’re eating just the right amount. 😉

Plated Pasta

A good tip is to use garlic salt, crushed red peppers, and black pepper on your pasta instead of Parmesan cheese! 😉

Ham and Swiss Lavash Wraps – Diet Month

Lisa and I have a big trip in about a month, so we’re back on a diet and counting calories again! We’re posting them here again, because it keeps us honest with our diets. 😉

Lisa had 1345 calories yesterday, and I had 1370 calories. We both also ran a quarter mile and did a 30 minute workout routine.

The highlight of yesterday was definitely our dinner – weighing in at only 585 calories – two Lavash Ham and Swiss Wraps garnished with pepperoncini’s and served with brown mustard!!!! – made all with ingredients found at Fresh and Easy! I’d spell out the recipe, but you can probably figure it out from the pictures! 😛

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