Baby Step to the Vodka

I didn’t count calories for yesterday, because it just didn’t seem fair. It didn’t seem fair, because I had just barely decided to lose weight yesterday afternoon, and it seemed like I should at least get to have on last hurrah. So I did.

Sandwiches, chips, Trader Joe’s fresh pizza from the refrigerator section, Gorgonzola flavored crackers with baby Swiss cheese on them, and vodka. The vodka and crackers with cheese are what I really want to talk about.

My random decision to pair Trader Joe’s baby Swiss (that happened to be on sale) with their Gorgonzola flavored crackers turned out to be a serious win. I highly recommend it.

Grab these and some baby Swiss! 😉

The only thing I really did to change my diet was drink vodka instead of Bud Light. 😆 This lead to a grand savings of 200 calories for me. Although, after eating my fill or pizza and crackers with cheese, this was probably a drop in the bucket. However, the booze switch did lead to the discovery of another great Trader Joe’s “Vodka of the gods”. NOT TOO SHABBY.

Nice, big bottle of decent vodka for $10?! What?

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