Day 79 and 80 – EA Active Injuries

Well, as you might notice on our chart below, we haven’t worked out in two days. The reason for this is that we’ve both managed to hurt ourselves “running” on the EA Active fitness program for Nintendo Wii. We usually think of EA Active as a great way to exercise indoors and get your heartrate going when it’s 120 degrees outside here in the desert. However, maybe this is an activity that we’re going to have to start doing with shoes on instead of barefoot. It seems like we need more support, because both of us seem to have injured our feet in some way. 😦


Brian= +1,676           Lisa = -10,006

Tons of fun and good for you, but be sure to wear shoes like these people in the picture!

7/10-11/2011 Brian Lisa
Total Calories Consumed 3,820 2,620
# of Steps 20,326 19,324
# of calories for steps 711.41 676.34
# calories living 3,600 3,600
Total Calories Burned 4,311 4,276
Net Effect for Day -491 -1,656
# of Push Ups 0 0
# of Sit Ups 0 0
# of Minutes Ran 0 0



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