DAY 75 – No, seriously, we’re really sore.

A couple of days ago, we were the kind of sore that seemed sure to only get worse over time. Well, it did. Yesterday, we were too sore to even do our pitiful little workout, but today it seems a little better. So, we should probably be able to exercise tonight.

Lisa worked really late yesterday, so dinner became DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza instead of English Muffin Pizzas. It was awesome, of course. However, it was 960 calories for each of us.


Brian= +2,628        Lisa= -7,039

Yummy! Only 100,000 calories!


7/6/2011 Brian Lisa
Total Calories Consumed: 2,023 1,475
# of Steps 13,765 14,042
# of calories for steps 481.775 491.47
# calories living 1,800 1,800
Total Calories Burned 2,282 2,291
Net Effect for Day -259 -816
# of Push Ups 0 0
# of Sit Ups 0 0
# of Minutes Ran 0 0

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