Day 64: Super Saturday and Retraction from Friday’s Numbers

Well we learned a valuable lesson this week! It’s a very good idea to weigh in at the same spot every time with your Wii Fit Board. We discovered yesterday’s results were highly inaccurate because we had the Wii board atop additional carpeting. That said, we crunched the numbers to figure out a better estimate of our resting calorie rate, which came to roughly 1,600 calories per day for each of us. We have also decided to reset the calorie scoreboard to reflect the changes.

Nonetheless, we still decided to enjoy our Saturday. Our bad for going over, but we’ll try hard to make up for it this week. Perhaps we should have skipped the Wendy’s but we still weren’t doing too bad with their Junior Cheeseburger Deluxes at 270 calories each, without sauces.


Brian= + 582            Lisa=  +17


  Brian Lisa
Rice Chips 0 130
100 cal. Pk. 0 100
Fruit by the Foot 0 400
Chicken 429 429
String Cheese 60 60
Vodka 650 195
Wendys 810 540
Beer 594 0
Sauce 50 50
Total Calories Consumed: 2,593 1,904
# of Steps 11,745 8,205
# of calories for steps 411 287
# calories living 1,600 1,600
Total Calories Burned 2,011 1,887
Net Effect for Day 582 17

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