Day 62 – Grilled Italian Sausages and Zuchini with Parmesan Cream Sauce

Last night, we had one of the most decadent tasting dinners that we’ve had in a while. The parmesan cream sauce was especially great, but everything worked together in harmony to make this an incredible meal and only 598 calories!!!

Everything was pretty simple, and this mean could be easily re-created with just a little care. The cream sauce was made by simply combining 2 servings (56 grams) of REAL grated parmesan cheese (from a brick) to Classico’s Light Alfredo Sauce, a few teaspoons of garlic and crushed red pepper, and some fresh cracked black pepper. Cook this sauce on very low and stir frequently to allow the parmesan cheese to “become one” with the cream sauce without sticking to the bottom of the pan.

The sausages were lean, turkey italian sausages, and the zuchini was just frozen zuchini. We cooked both on the grill. If you plan to do the same, you may want to get one of those stainless steel grates for grilling vegetables. Also, be very careful when grilling zuchini – or any veggies for that matter. They cook very quickly and have a tendancy to stick to the grill. Lightly covering them in olive oil will help, but we skip the oil calories and just flip them VERY frequently (which isn’t too big of a pain if you’re already keeping an eye on the sausages, but don’t forget to keep stiring your Parmesan sauce!!! 😛


Brian= +1,349          Lisa=-11,761

6/23/2011 Brian Lisa
Dinner 598 598
Sandwiches 250 0
String Cheese 60 60
Popsicles 110 0
Cheerios 0 110
Carrots and Celery 0 50
Fruit Snacks 0 320
100 Calorie Packs 0 100
Rice Chips 0 130
Total Calories Consumed: 1,018 1,368
# of Steps 6,106 11,653
# of calories for steps 214 408
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,654 1,848
Net Effect for Day -636 -480

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