Day 42: The Office Treat Zone & Friday Fun

Earlier this week, my company announced they would be having a pizza party on Friday. As pizza is my favorite food, I tried to allow room for it, by not packing as many lunch snacks. Then I arrived at the office, and someone brought in 3 dozen donuts, which were so hard to resist! I had to keep reminding myself about the pizza later and did not cave in. For my fellow office worker, donuts have at least 250 calories each, and I’m assuming the pizza had about 300 calories per slice. Keep this in mind when you’re planning your days calories. One donut and two slices of pizza would be roughly 850 calories and not a great start to your day.

My only downfall was having a little too much Friday fun. Four shots and lots of snacks certainly increased our calories for the day.

Let me know your ways of dealing with office treats and Friday fun by posting a comment!


Brian= +2,424                   Lisa= -4,974

  Brian Lisa
Coffee 0 50
Special K Chips 0 120
100 cal. Pk. 100 100
Goldfish Crackers 420 485
Sauce 60 0
Jerky 280 0
Soup 280 0
Sunflower Seeds 90 0
Vodka 780 260
Pizza 0 600
Total Calories Consumed: 2,010 1,615
# of Steps 5,983 12,675
# of calories for steps 209 444
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,649 1,884
Net Effect for Day 361 -269

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