Day 39 – Garlic Pasta and Chicken Dippers

So, we actually had this for dinner a couple days ago. Last night, we were out shopping and ending up grabbing a few burgers. THEY WERE SO GOOD, and they didn’t really hurt us too badly calorie-wise. At Wendy’s, we each got 2 99 cent Jr Cheeseburgers. They’re only 250 calories each, so they’re not too bad as long as you get them without fries. Calorie-wise chili is better at Wendy’s if you need to get a side. Later, Brian got a kid’s meal at McDonald’s, because we wanted the Kung Fu Panda toy that came with it. With a diet coke, that wasn’t too terrible either. He actually got to eat some fries!

Garlic Pasta and Chicken Dippers is really easy. Chicken Dippers is just a chicken breast with lemon juice, garlic salt, onion powder, fresh cracked black pepper, and McCormick’s Fiery 5 Pepper spice quickly baked in a little toaster-oven and cut into little pieces for dipping into a variety of sauces. To make Garlic Pasta, we just cooked 2 servings of 180 calorie wheat pasta and fried it in a pan with 1 serving of 50 calorie “fake butter” and 2, 5-calorie  servings of garlic.

Calorie Scoreboard:

Brian= +2,841               Lisa= -4,087


5/31/2011 Brian Lisa
Wendys 500 500
McDonalds 590 0
Cheerios 0 110
Carrots 0 50
Jerky 0 70
Coffee Creamer 0 60
Pop Chips 0 120
100 Calorie Pack 0 100
Fruit by the Foot 0 80
Total Calories Consumed: 1,090 1,090
# of Steps 7,738 12,896
# of calories for steps 271 451
# calories living 1,440 1,440
Total Calories Burned 1,711 1,891
Net Effect for Day -621 -801

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