Is Hot Sauce Healthy?

After looking over the Google Statistics for this site, I notices that a large number of people end up on this webpage by searching: “is Cholula healthy?” or “is Tapatio healthy?”. So, I’m going to take a moment to answer those people. YES! It’s absolutely healthy! Many hot sauces have 0 calories. In fact, all three of my favorite hot sauces have 0 calories – Cholula, Red Rooster, and Tapatio. Furthermore, spicy foods really boost your metabolism.

The biggest dieting tip I could give besides counting your calories is “Pour hot sauce on everything you eat and drink lots of tea.”


2 thoughts on “Is Hot Sauce Healthy?

  1. What does caloric content have to do with whether a food is healthy? Is it useful for a specific purpose (compensating for excessive past behaviors)? Maybe. But people who are overweight should be focusing on why they are overweight in the first place. Conflating caloric content with the concept of “healthy” is not useful.

    • “your mom” has a point. Just because a food is low in calories does not make it healthy. Although, had she explored the blog a little, she may have discovered that we do eat a wide variety of foods. The idea behind our blog is to share our simple diet plan with the world. We find it be effective as healthy professionals, because you can’t always eat well when you’re busy – but you can at least count your calories.
      Furthermore, this particular blog being about hot sauce in particular – I’m left wondering if “your mom” is trying to say that hot sauce is NOT healthy. I think entire cultures would be offended by that false idea.

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