Day 24- Comments on Dining Out and Lisa’s Nightime Snacking

We are certainly learning this weekend, that it is difficult to eat-out on a diet. For exapmle, we used to always enjoy a treat from the Costco snack bar. However, a little research prior to leaving the store revealed these “treats” contain 500-800 calories. When your goal is only 1,000-1,200 you are looking at a 40-80% of your daily intake in one meal. We’re also finding these foods do not leave us full for more than 3-4 hours.

Nonetheless, there is still hope. We’ve discovered a great Subway sandwhich calorie calculator online. You can completely customize your sandwhich, even down to the lettuce! You can even add chips, drinks, cookies and sodas. Don’t be fooled by the “C’mon its just one” for the cookies at Subway though! They easily add 200 + calories to your total. Since Subway is one of our favorite healthy dining options we decided to dine there today. Helpful hint, we find that a double meat six inch has less calories than a footlong regular sub. 

What is your favorite healthy dining option? Share with everyone in a comment below!

Lastly, Lisa had a night snacking binge, and is certainly left feeling guilty. Night snacking is the culprit! 😦

Subway Calorie Calculator

  Lisa Brian
Oatmeal 160 160
Coffee 25 25
Special K Chips 110 110
Sandwhich 405 780
Apple Chips 116 0
100 cal. Pk. 300 0
Rice Cakes 70 0
Goldfish Crackers 105 140
Honey Nut Cheerios 110 0
Fruit By The Foot 160 0
Wheat Thins 65 0
Cream Cheese 0 60
Total: 1626 1275

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