Day 23 – Brian Fails on Vodka

Brian totally failed on the diet on vodka this weekend! For dinners, we had Kentucky Grilled Chicken, leftover steak, and vegetables. Pictures and calorie cards are below. NEW (and improved) TEA SHOW COMING SOON!!!

This blog started as a project to help keep us motivated on our diet, but traffic on the site is way up! We’re so glad that everyone is enjoying our blog and The Tea Show, and we’d like to invite you all to contribute to the blog as well. If you’re on a diet, have recipes to share, have some teas to review, or just want to blog here – just let us know, and we’ll change your access so that you can Add Posts here as well. Or, just write it to us in a comment!!!

What did all of you eat over the weekend? Share with everyone in a comment below!

5/13/2011 Lisa Brian   5/14/2011 Lisa Brian
salad 50 0   goldfish 0 286
carrots 70 0   vodka 195 1170
goldfish 380 720   wheat thins 130 0
vodka 195 1105   soup 170 170
jerky 86 210   fudge shoppe cookies 200 0
KGC  120 188   apple snack 116 0
frosting 160 0   mixed veggies 90 90
fruit by the foot 80 0   carne asada 170 170
wheat thins 130 0   chicken 213 189
crystal light 0 25   sauces 28 18
string cheese 0 160   coffee 25 25
        cracker chips 0 110
Total: 1271 2408   bread 0 180
        Total: 1337 2408

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