Day 21 – Carne Asada, Green Beens, and Soup

We both ran a half mile yesterday and woke up early this morning to do EA Active on the Wii. Good news this morning; we weighed-in for Wii Fit and both had lost weight. 1/2 pound for Brian and 1/4 pound for Lisa. This isn’t much, since your weight can fluctuate frequently, but it is nice to see a downward trend.

We took the best pictures last night of carne asada sizzling on the grill, and the completed, plated meal; but Brian accidentally deleted them this morning! He spent a half-hour trying to recover the pictures and still couldn’t, so if you know of any good, free data recover software – please let us know. *Pictures were salvaged thanks to Lexi’s great link!*

We just grilled the carne asada with onion powder, garlic salt, cumin, chili powder, cholula hot sauce, lemon juice, lime juice, fresh cracked pepper, and Grill Mate’s Fiery 5 Pepper Seasoning. We only had one 4-ounce serving of this. The green beens were just frozen ones, and we had two servings each. Just microwaved them with garlic salt, cracked pepper, and season salt on them – healthier than butter or butter substitute even. The soup was a mix of Progresso’s 90 calorie, 99 Percent Fat-free Chicken Soup and their 100 calorie Chicken and Dumpling soup. This feast of a meal only added up to 495 calories!!!

  Lisa     Brian
veggies 50   goldfish 400
Chewy Bar 100   green beens 60
Goldfish 280   steak 340
steak 340   soup 95
soup 95   crystal light 35
green beens 60   jello 10
buffalo sauce 5   string cheese 60
fruit by the foot 80      
frosting 160      
crystal light 10      
  1180     1000

3 thoughts on “Day 21 – Carne Asada, Green Beens, and Soup

    • LOL! Yeah, those are goldfish crackers. Although, we’re both hungry enough to eat a real goldfish right now! We’re so glad you like the blog, and we’ll be sure to keep blogging. If we ever stop, then you know that we’ve returned to a life of being FATTIES! Btw, thanks for the data recovery info. Maybe I can still salvage those pictures today. 😉

  1. *Pictures were salvaged thanks to Lexi’s great link!*

    Great, free, data-recovery software: Recuva – available at:

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