Day 20 – Low-Calorie Pasta Alfredo and Zuchini

Completely ruined our diet with Del Taco on Tuesday! 😛  Wednesday, we got back on track with an easy, low-calorie dish that’s pretty tasty and fillling. This one is extra easy. We each had 2 servings of wheat pasta (360 calories) + 2 servings of Classico Light Cream Sauce (120 calories) + 2 servings of frozen zuchini (30 calories) = a fast, filling meal at only 510 calories. Instead of parmesan, we used a lot of garlic salt and fresh cracked pepper to save a few calories there.

  Lisa     Brian
veggies 75   pasta 360
goldfish 472   sauce 120
pasta 360   zuchini 30
sauce 120   cream cheese 30
zuchini 30   wheat thins 130
wheat Thins 130   goldfish 270
      jerky 35
      crystal light 5
  1187     980

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