Day 13 – Our First Calorie Cards

Yesterday, we starting keeping track of our total calories on index cards. Below are our results. The trick to keeping your calories low is paying close attention to serving sizes. We use a small postal scale to weigh all of the food. This is great for measuring out exactly half a serving of sunflower seeds or exactly one 28 gram serving of jerky. Continually weighing and recording the number of calories in the food that we eat has already caused us to start eating less – sometimes just because we don’t want to write it down! We went to Subway for dinner. We both got 6-inch subs with double meat. It was adaquately filling, way lower in calories than a footlong, and cheaper too! 🙂    Also, pickles and crystal light helped a lot – by both having 0 calories!!!

As far as exercise goes, we’ve been waking up every morning and doing a simple EA Active workout. Usually we try to run in the evenings, but that hasn’t been happening this week – cause Lisa’s had to stay late at work. 😦

  Lisa     Brian
milk in tea 30   milk in tea 30
celery&carrots 50   Subway 605
nuts 170   Vodka 765
jerky 70   Sunflower Seeds 45
Subway  510   Jerky 35
Animal Crackers 120      
Fruit by the Foot 90      
Rice Crispy Treat 90      
  1130     1480


One thought on “Day 13 – Our First Calorie Cards

  1. LOL, I just realized that I drank more calories than I ate yesterday!!!
    Definitely going to try to get more food out of my calories today. Vodka was good for Atkins at 0 carbs, but I may be better off with that 55 calorie beer that Bud makes now. If I had been drinking that low-cal beer last night, I would have saved myself 270 calories!!! – Brian

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