DAY 9 * Sugar-free Jello is your friend.

This stuff is great. You can eat it this stuff all day, and we have some extra-special tricks to make jello even better. First of all, instead of mixing 1 cup boiling water & jello mix with 1 cup of water – substitute that water for a 0 carb/calorie diet soda. Diet lemon-lime soda mixes well with just about all the flavors of sugar-free jello, but trying other sodas can have some very interesting results. For example, cherry Jello and Diet Coke make a great mix; so does lemon-lime Jello and Mountain Dew. Obviously, adding caffeinated soda will add to the caffein content of your jello. I find that this helps curb my appetite, but careful eating caffeinated jello at night! Also, remember you can add sugar-free whipped topping for an extra treat. Lisa enjoys this as a replacement for candy. You can eat like 10 servings of this stuff and still be doing pretty well as far as your diet goes.   😛 

Below is a picture of Mountain Dew/Lemon Lime Jello.


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