DAY 6 – Burger In A Bowl

We had this last night. IT WAS AWESOME.


lettuce (we used spinach for the one in the picture), tomato, ground beef, bacon, onions, jalapenos, sharp cheddar, guacamole, pickles, and anything else you can possibly think of!!!

The cool thing about this is that you don’t have to waste a lot of time forming burger patties. Just brown some ground beef and scoop that on top as your burger. This was a real treat as far as low-carb diets go, and if we lose enough weight to start eating carbs again – this would still be a good alternative if we don’t have any hamburger buns. We grilled the onions and the jalapenos together for a nice spicy/sweet topping. You can see them on top. 

2 thoughts on “DAY 6 – Burger In A Bowl

  1. Hey, this looks good! I’m always hunting for something my teens will like, and is easy to make.
    This seems perfect because I can add/subtract stuff that pleases their finicky palates and still have whatever I like on it as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

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